Greens Condensation Solutions

Grafo-Therm anti-condensation coating is the cost effective long term solution to preventing and treating dripping roof condensation.
This gives you peace of mind, knowing your contents are protected.

We spray Grafo-Therm anti condensation paint on shipping containers, warehouses, garages, self-storage containers, metal roofs, vans, trailers and more.

Condensation produces the ideal conditions for mould growth; to prevent this Grafo-Therm incorporates a highly efficient Fungicide.

If you leave your container or roof untreated this may damage your property or business. We will come to you and spray our Grafo-Therm anti-condensation paint and prevent any further damage caused by condensation.

Our service is available across the UK.

Call us today on 01443 742078 and we can provide you with a quote.

Our mobile team offer onsite spraying and are fully equipped so there is no need for you to supply any utilities i.e Gas/Electric.

Example price (depending on location) £1.25 per Sq ft based on a 20ft x 8ft shipping container from £200+VAT

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